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Hi, I’m Fran, a Disability Blogger with a difference, as I’m also a qualified nurse. I have over 25 years of experience as an advocate, trainer and advisor on disability issues.

I’m also an Activist and Information Guru. Both my professional and personal knowledge enable me to be the go-to person for information and advice.

This blog is about the issues I face each day both as wheelchair user and someone who has chronic pain. I often blog about the difficulties that I encounter, but also the good experiences. My blog is also political, because in the UK today it is so important for people with disabilities to be pro-active. The austerity policies of current UK government, ‘amount to violations of disabled people’s rights’ according to a 2016 UN report.

I live in London, England, and love exploring this great city and enjoying the variety of cultural events we are so lucky to have on our doorstep. But, travelling in London is challenging, not so much the getting there, but dealing with the myriad of parking regulations in each London Borough.

I try to be as independent as possible, but life, bureaucracy, and other obstacles often get in the way.

I’m also a cat lover and enjoy travel and photography. I’m an avid reader and love going to galleries and  exhibitions.

Part of my reason for blogging is to give inspiration to anyone struggling with a disability. I also want to give helpful information and tips to those who are new to our world

I hope too that anyone without a disability who reads my blog will find my perspective on life different, thought-provoking and interesting.

If you’ve enjoyed what you have read – I’d love to hear from you – wherever you live.

I blog regularly on the Huffington Post UK site.

Please do mail me:

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