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Another Shopping Tale of Woe

Following my difficulties with Tesco, a couple of weeks later a friend of mine wrote on Facebook of her recent experience at her local ASDA and she has kindly said that I can reproduce her story, so here it is:

Breaking news:

ASDA – Old Kent Road, South London – assumes ANYONE with a ‘granny’ trolly (2 or 4 wheelers) is a shoplifter.

Store security guards have been instructed to stop and demand that ALL customers about to enter their store are required to leave their own ‘granny’ trollies at the entrance.

However, customers pushing buggies/prams & those driving mobility scooters – with or without storage facilities – are free to enter unchallenged (obviously low income parents of young children and the mobility restricted are all salt of the earth honest people, unlike them there OAPs out for a bit of grab & dash!)

When asked why this policy had been introduce, the “People Service Manage” at ASDA explained that “using a granny trolley was the 2nd most used method of shoplifting” (the 1st being Self Checkout Tills)

So, if you know of any lil’ ol’ ladies wanting to do a bit of shopping, tell ’em to go to Tesco cos ASDA’s on to their thieving li’le game!!

After all, Every Little Helps ; )

Another case of discriminating against disabled people!

My friend, who is also disabled needs to use a trolley for shopping as she cant carry heavy items. To suggest that she, and others who need to use these trollies are less than honest is quite disgraceful!

Come on ASDA – please re-think this daft and insulting policy.

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