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Asking the obvious

I was recently referred back to Charing Cross Hospital to the Rheumatology department for a steroid injection in my left wrist, I’ve been there before and had excellent care from a lovely Consultant who has sadly left.

I was seen by a Registrar who I’d not met before, and for some reason my full notes were not available. So, I gave him a potted medical history; severe spinal arthritis, scoliosis of the spine, displaced vertebrae in my neck, only 50% use of my left arm and 40% Lung function – not smoking related. I showed him a list of my medication, which includes morphine patches for pain relief.

He then asked why I was using a wheelchair………………!!

Which left me rather speechless. I‘m not usually lost for words, but said something like; “Severe arthritis, on morphine, get very breathless, is that enough?”

I got a sort of grunt in reply.

Afterwards I felt really shocked.  Was it too much to except that a senior Doctor would realise why I was using a wheelchair, without needing to ask?

Are my expectations too high?

Or is the NHS not recruiting Doctors of a high enough caliber?

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