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This is the view of the garden for my flat, I just wish I could go and sit outside and enjoy the sunshine, but there are a number of very steep steps from my balcony down to the garden which are impossible for me to negotiate safely.

Yet another reason for needing to move.

Using the balcony is an option, but gives me no privacy as my very nosey downstairs neighbour insists in either pushing his way through the gate at the end and coming up and smoking right next to me, or interrupting any conversation I may be trying to have with visitors.

I find his smoking not only objectionable but also totally inconsiderate as I have greatly reduced lung function and being near people who are smoking makes my breathing so much worse. I have told him this, as has the housing officer who looks after both our flats, but to no avail.

So, during these lovely sunny days I remain in doors, instead of being outside soaking up some Vitamin D. I guess that’s why a couple of years ago I was diagnosed with severe Vitamin D deficiency and now have to take daily supplements.

It would probably be cheaper for the NHS to help get me moved to a new flat!

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