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iPad Holder Update

Standzfree Universal iPad Holder

Standzfree Universal iPad Holder

Back in September last year, I wrote about the Standzfree  iPad holder. I commented about how good this iPad holder was, but also mentioned one flaw in relation to being unable to charge your iPad whilst using it. Now Standzfree has solved that problem. I upgraded my iPad recently. My lovely old original iPad was getting very slow & kept crashing, so I treated myself to the new iPad Air. I’m thrilled with it and love its lightness. But, it cannot be used with my original stand. I quickly discovered that Standzfree has now brought out a universal holder, which works with all tablets and means it’s possible to charge your tablet whilst using it. Just perfect! The two lower grips are fixed but the upper one is spring-loaded, meaning your iPad Is really secure. It holds the iPad Air when it’s in a case very snugly either in portrait or landscape mode. An indispensable gadget for any disabled person.

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