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I’ve used this app for my last two posts – I really wish I’d found it when I first started to blog.

BlogPad Pro is easy and intuitive to use, especially when editing and putting in hyperlinks. It is truly WYSIWYG. Inserting imagines is much smoother and simpler too.

I’ve found that posting to my blog is quicker and much more enjoyable instead of being a chore.

My only gripe – no proofreading function. Although the one in the ‘official’ app is pretty basic is does help someone like me who types much slower than she thinks!

Otherwise worth every penny of £2.99

Comments on: "BlogPad Pro for WordPress" (2)

  1. arkansasrose said:

    I used to have White Smoke, it was an excellent program for writing, editing and proofreading. I stopped using it when the price went to $50 for the new ones. I’ll have to check into the one you suggest. On a different note, what does “WYSIWYG” mean?

  2. WheelchairVista said:

    It’s computer speak for ”what you see is what you get’ meaning that the way you layout a page is the way it will appear on screen with out having to put in editing codes.

    I’ve seen it on dating sites too – usually meaning that someone is upfront and uncomplicated! In my experience, not necessarily true!

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