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I’m writing this in the hope that I can find a solution to the glop that appears on my lenses after I’ve worn them for 4-6 hours.

The photo shows some of the problem. I couldn’t get a better image as trying to take a shot of the lens with limited vision whist holding a iPhone in one hand is no easy task! Previous attempts showed much more glop, but the image quality was far to poor to use.

The glop is white and slightly sticky to the touch. It causes me real problems with reading print unless it is both enlarged and bold. Trying to read grey print, for example, is impossible. The glop does really affect any close work I’m trying to do. It makes anything I’m reading blurred, as though I’m looking through a cloud.

Interestingly, it doesn’t affect my distance vision so much. So watching TV isn’t too much of a problem.

I’ve tried taking my lens out (it mainly affects my left eye – the one I had a partial re-graft on last year) cleaning it with Oté Clean 40, and reinserting the lens. But, it seems that once my eye has started to produce this glop it continues to do so and with an hour my close vision is deteriorating again!

Very annoying and leaving me with a limited window in which to use my iPad, do other close work or write this blog.

Any ideas as to why I get this glop and what I can do to prevent it are welcome.

I use a combination of Lens Plus and HYLO-care as my solutions.

Comments on: "Glop on my Scleral Lenses" (3)

  1. Hi. You might want to get the fit of the lens checked out, sometimes a fit that needs adjusting leads to these issues. Your lens may need a deep clean to remove protein deposits. Hard lens should be deep cleaned once a month with protein removing tablets (ami clear etc) possibly your solutions aren’t doing the job well enough.
    Other factors can include- dust, pollution, make up detritus, etc.
    Using an EyeBag can help keep your eyelids clean.
    Best option is to ask your lens fitter. It should not be happening so something is amiss. Good luck

  2. I have no clue, but we have different products in the US. The advice from Keratoconus GB sounds good to me. I have to wear my sclerals with lubricating ointment due to the severe dryness (and they’re only in for a few hours/couple days a week) and even that glop runs out of my eyes in 30 minutes, so no real residue. I tried to find your drops with hyaluranic acid over here and no luck (even online); they’re only available in certain countries in the EU, which never fails to surprise me. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to truly wear those lenses due to the dryness and am so jealous of people with tears!

    Also, thanks for the follow. I actually stopped blogging this month and don’t believe I’m coming back, but still connecting with a couple bloggers on here I’ve known since the beginning. I have you bookmarked still, but I’m trying to stay off of WP for now.

    Best of luck to you,

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